Learn to take control of your anger!

Time: 20 mins


Learn how to manage your emotions and develop skills to help you take control of your anger!

At a glance:

  • Learn about what anger is!
  • Understand what anger does to your body!
  • Develop strategies to take control of your anger.
  • Learn to respond to anger in a healthier way!

You will need:

  • A pen / pencil & a piece of paper.

What makes you feel angry?

The list of situations, actions and attitudes that make us feel angry is endless, with any one potentially causing an outburst! But are these situations really what causes us to feel angry?

Anger, like happiness or sadness, is a natural human emotion. Similar to fear, it inspires a powerful response of feelings and behaviours in response a ‘threat’ that in some cases, enable us to fight for ourselves. It is often the cause of aggression, as we step up to defend something when we feel it is under attack. And just like fear, we are in control!

The situations, actions and attitudes that make us feel angry, only trigger an angry response. They DON’T cause it! There isn’t a magic remote control that others are pressing to cause your anger because you are in control! You are holding the control to your own anger!

If it was the situation that was in control of your response, we would all react in the same way, but we don’t. We are each in control of our own anger and response to situations!

Think about the situation, action or attitude before responding, and you will be more in control!

Using our Anger Controller below, re-design the buttons with other ways that you could respond when feeling angry!


Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health
05th Jan 2021