Learn how to address, react to and get support with bullying.


Learn to be an ally to people experiencing bullying, and where to go if you need further support.

At a glance:

  • Learn to Think, Feel & Do!
  • Recognise where you can go for support if you need it.
  • Develop coping strategies to help you when times are tough.

“You don’t have to like me, agree with me or enjoy spending time with me…but you do have to respect me!” – Respect Me Scotland

Bullying affects all of us in one way or another; you might have seen or heard something, supported someone through it or experienced it yourself. It can be difficult to know what to think, feel or do but there are always ways to get help and feel better.

So, what is bullying?

Bullying is a behaviour that can make people feel upset, scared, alone or left-out and happens both face to face and online. It can involve using words and actions to threaten or hurt someone including:

  • Name-calling and teasing
  • Being hit, punched, kicked or tripped
  • Having personal possessions taken or damaged
  • Being ignored or left out
  • Having rumours spread about you

All of these things have a big impact on our physical and mental health, but whatever is going on right now, we are here to help you take back control and get life back on track.

For this activity you will need:

  • A packet of sweets, a pen / pencil & a piece of paper.

Open your packet of sweets and take one out. What colour is it? For each different colour, complete one of the Think, Feel & Do activities below.


  • Red – For every red sweet, think of one thing that makes you angry. Shout this out loud or scream it into your pillow as loud as you can.
  • Green – For every green sweet think of a place you enjoy spending time in outdoors. It could be a forest or a beach or a football pitch. Picture it, while you eat your sweet.


  • Yellow – For every yellow sweet, write down one emotion you felt today. This could be anything from happy, to sad or angry. Once you have eaten all your yellow sweets, and written down how you felt for each one, tear up the paper into as many pieces as possible. Put the ripped paper in the bin and start the rest of your day on a clean sheet.
  • Orange – For every orange sweet, place your fingers on your neck and find your pulse. Feel how fast or slow your heart is beating. Take a second and then eat your sweet.


  • Purple – For every purple sweet, listen to a song that makes you smile. Don’t pick out another sweet until the end of the song, so try to make the purple one last as long as you can. When you have no more purples left, put the songs together and create a playlist called Smile! Whenever you are feeling upset or hurt, listen to the playlist – by the end of it, you will be reminded of all the reasons to smile!
  • Blue – For every blue sweet, decide on something you will do differently tomorrow. It could be a change to your morning routine, how you make breakfast or how you get to work / school – nothing is too small to change!

Bullying can make you feel low and like is no escape, so it is important to remember your worth. Use these activities to help release your feelings and start the rest of the day on a more positive note.

If you are currently experiencing bullying, speak to someone you trust – a friend, youth worker, parent or sibling, and report it (Childline if online.)

For more information or support with bullying, click here.

Bullying, Emotional Wellbeing
29th Oct 2020