Know how to overcome conflict in friendships and relationships!


Learn how to manage and overcome conflict in friendships and relationships!

Friendships are relationships and relationships take work. Sometimes they are easy, sometimes they are hard. And sometimes these relationships run into trouble and you find yourself fighting or arguing with friends, wondering if things will ever go back to the way they were before.

A lot of problems can be sorted, by sitting down and talking things through, and our top 5 tips below will guide you through how to deal with conflict in relationships (with friends and partners).

  1. Compromise!

All relationships are about compromise. You will never get everything you want, and your friend / partner will never get everything they want. For any relationship to be successful you need to be willing to make sacrifices and changes. These can be small or big but being willing to make these changes and being flexible will go a long way in helping to resolve conflict!

  1. Hang Fire – Remove the Heat.

When we are angry, we all say things we don’t mean, and sometimes, we can say things that are hurtful and make the situation worse. Hang Fire! By taking time out, and stepping back for a moment. You give yourselves a chance to take the heat out of the situation, meaning that when you do talk, you are less likely to have an angry outburst!

  1. Think of a safe space where you can talk openly and honestly!

It is important when you are having a difficult conversation or trying to resolve conflict / arguments that you both feel safe. If you have the conversation in a public place in front of others, you may not feel safe or able to say how you feel. Pick somewhere where you both feel at ease and you will be able to talk much more openly and honestly!

  1. Allow the other person time to talk.

Conflict always involves more than one person. When you are angry or frustrated, it can be difficult to remember that the other person has feelings too. You will both have opinions and things you want to say. Try to make sure you both have time to talk. If only one of you does the talking – the conflict won’t be resolved.

  1. Don’t expect to be perfect!

No one is perfect, and there is no perfect solution to conflict. Don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself. Try your best, as that’s all anyone can ask!


05th Jan 2021