Dealing with racing and anxious thoughts!

Time: 10 minutes


Be able to better process and understand racing and/or anxious thoughts helping to reduce stress.

At a glance:

  • Learn what a Brain Dump is.
  • Learn to identify and understand your thoughts.
  • Understand a new way of brainstorming.

Rushed and anxious thoughts are things that everyone experiences from time to time. But how do we handle it when it happens?

Having sudden, racing thoughts can leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed and stressed. It can be easy to become overloaded or simply numb, not knowing what you are thinking or feeling.

This is where a Brain Dump can come in.

A Brain Dump is a simple excersize where you put down those thoughts as you have them into words – using pen and paper or typing them up. By putting down your thoughts on paper or text, you can see them as something real in front of you. This can help reduce the stress caused by these thoughts as it allows you to deal with each one individually taking your time to do so.

Brain Dumps are beneficial for several reasons. Not only can they be used to help deal with anxious and intrusive thoughts, it can be an excellent way of brainstorming – especially if you have lots of ideas and don’t want to let any pass you by!

To take the pressure off, consider setting a timer for 1-5 minutes.  A limit on how long you will be writing can help alleviate stress and any expectations. The timer can be as long or as little as you like but the idea is to simply use that time to write, and then focus on what it is you’ve written down.

Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or handwriting. These thoughts are personal to you, and when you’re done you can decide what to do with it. Keep the thoughts, expand on them or even tear it up to delete it! They’re for you and only you unless you decide to share!


Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health
01st Jun 2021