I wrote Doors to recognise the aspects of Domestic Abuse that are less talked about. When we speak about domestic abuse, we only ever think about women being affected, but this simply isn’t true. Domestic abuse affects all genders and can happen in all types of relationships. Only by raising the profile of this topic and the impact it can have on everyone, will we be able to ensure no one is trapped behind closed doors.

Isla’s song won the Public Protection Partnership and Youth Work Services Song-writing Contest in 2019 as part of their 16 Days of Action Campaign, raising awareness of Domestic Abuse.

Doors – Lyrics

He’s too scared to go home

Thinks it all makes him less of a man

But there’s no hiding from or escaping it

So why should he try to hide

From being trapped behind closed doors

Nothing to see here.

Trapped behind closed doors

He shouts in fear.

Trapped behind closed doors

He sees pain.

But he hopes one day those doors will open again.

Domestic Abuse, Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health
16th Nov 2020