Over the years I have accessed the Youth Enquiry Service, I have gone to many different groups and events. The most impactful of which was Seasons for Growth.

This group was designed to help and support young people who have experienced bereavement, grief, and significant change. The group uses the Seasons to explore the different stages of grief and it’s impact on day to day life, helping us learn how to respond to those changes.

During this group one of the activities we did, was to make a memory box for the loved ones we have lost. I found this very helpful. Not only was designing the box relaxing and a good distraction from all that was going on, but it meant we had a special place to keep all of our memories.

The memory box contained photos, letters, special items that belonged to the person and items that reminded us of them. Each person’s box was different, and unique to them and their loss.

I still have the very same memory box and still go through it from time to time. It is a source of great comfort and was a very beneficial activity.

If you or someone you know has experienced grief or loss and would like support, you can contact yes@dumgal.gov.uk.

23rd Nov 2020