Shoes are funny things. Each pair is unique and fits your feet in a different way. They are all designed with their own purpose in mind.

I think people are like that too; unique and built differently for their own purpose.

It’s easy to remember this when your thinking about it, but when you go about your daily life, it can be easy to forget. Before you have the chance to think, you end up making assumptions about other people and judging them before you even know their name.

During anit-bullying week this was something I realised I did more that I care to admit. It was when we were talking about the Odd Socks Campaign at the YES that I realised this.

To help us remember not to judge, we created footprints with positive quotes that we could display in the building.

“Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes.”

This is something I am still trying to live by each day. Next time you unconsciously judge someone, look at your feet and remember your not in their shoes.

Mental Health, Relationships
05th Jan 2021