Anna asked:

I feel stressed, anxious, and worried. Where can I get help?

Mental Health

It can feel very lonely when you are struggling inside, but you have made a massive step by asking this question. Everyone feels stressed and worried sometimes, but it can be difficult to cope if this is how you feel all the time.

There are lots of places that can offer support, help and advice.

It is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling and work through your worries with someone. We have free, confidential, online one to one Blether live chat’s where you can talk to a youth worker about how you are feeling. You can also visit our Toolbox here where you can find lots of helpful resources to help you work through how you are feeling on your own.

To visit the toolbox, click here.

To visit our 1-2-1 Blether Chats click here.

For more information on support services available to help you cope with anxiety click here.